Many development languages are asynchronous, for example, if a fetch request is being called to the backend database which may take a while, other functions can execute.

By default Redux actions are synchronous plain objects, now this is no use to us when we are trying to retrieve data and render a UI. This is when Redux Thunk comes into play.

Redux Thunk is a middleware that you can import into your Redux store.

import { createStore, applyMiddleware, compose } from "redux";
import { rootReducer } from "./redux/RootReducer";
import thunk from "redux-thunk";
const store = createStore( rootReducer, compose(…

On the journey to learning react, you are introduced into State. State is an object that you can store values that belong to a particular component. It’s a great efficiency as you don’t have to make calls to the backend database in order to change or update your components.

When learning about State I initially came across it in Class components, within a Class component State needs to be declared like below:

class Fish extends React.Component {
constructor(props) {
this.state = {
type: "Kobudai",
gender: "female"
render() {
return (
<p>{this.state.gender}</p> …

Everyone I’ve chatted with talks about the Javascript wall.. After working through this module, I think its probably true. Though I would call it ‘The Javascript trough of despair’.

The first few of the concepts seem simple, and you feel ‘oo ok I’ve got this!’, this was manipulating the DOM and adding events. A simple concept, grab an element by a class, id or tag, and then do something with it. As you progress you learn about communicating with the server, trying to work out what promises are? (and no it’s not promising to not eat that whole bar of…

In the current climate, it looks like there is a lot of self-diagnosis going on, trapped in our homes people are reflecting. Do we really need to go into the office every day? Do we have to do the awkward unnecessary hug and kiss when we greet new people? Is public transport the right method to take for a 15minute walk?

Along with this self-reflection, there is also an immense feeling of community and solidarity. Young people helping with shopping for the elderly, communities supporting local producers. People are integrating, talking, and supporting others they would have never crossed paths…

Corpse Reviver #2 — A bright complex drink with a hint of anise.

It’s project week two, week five of isolation and Easter weekend. Corpse Reviver seemed like a topical name.

Amidst all the craziness we were set the task of building a full-stack Sinatra app. A great task for such bleak times. Speaking with friends I have heard how Corona Virus has affected so many people in different ways, sat in my front room cooking fancy dinners, and treating it like a “holiday” I felt helpless. Why not use this time to better ourselves and help others. …

Coming to the end of my Ruby module, I was unleashed into the wild with the final project.

Set free like an owl trying to find it’s barn house. You’d think by getting older you learn how to approach things like this e.g stabilizers on a bike before you can cycle, your first sip of beer before you hit the whisky. But no, as per I just dived straight in. Maybe this is the best way to learn? Though you wouldn’t say that to a doctor.

Luckily I’m not a doctor, pass me the whisky.

During this project, I learnt…

I was unsure what to write in this blog post. Do I reveal my real reasons or do I substitute it with some half cobbled together statement about how I always loved computers and fixing things?

You can probably tell where I’m going with this. I have a confession, I was never into computers. I spent my childhood eating mud and running around the garden. If I’m completely honest I thought computers were for kids with glasses.

That was a statement from a naive child, not realising that I would end up working in the technology industry surrounded by some…

Rebecca Hunt

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